Scorn for Maine history, indifference to environmental damage

The Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) wants to waste millions of your tax dollars to replace a perfectly good bridge. With a less expensive rehabilitation, the Frank J. Wood Bridge between Topsham and Brunswick can last many decades longer. Meanwhile, MDOT cancelled road projects totaling $45.5 million in many other Maine cities and towns. These projects are far more desperately needed, but MDOT says they can’t afford to do the work. (When you waste money on bad projects, it’s no surprise that you can’t afford the good projects!)

Also, the impacts of building a new bridge closer to a vital fish ladder is real, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a sound scientific objection to building a new bridge. MDOT says too bad, they’re plowing ahead anyway.

Just as important, the agency displays utter contempt for Maine history. They are doing so here now, and they have done so recently in Wiscasset and other Maine towns. The Frank J. Wood Bridge is historically and architecturally significant, but MDOT is using its growing institutional arrogance to try and sweep local opposition --- and the facts --- out of their way. The Friends of the Frank J. Wood Bridge will not stand meekly by and let this happen. Our history is an important economic draw for the Brunswick and Topsham area, and we are defending it. Thank you for visiting us and exploring the issue.

Taxpayers Need to Know What Is Going On

The Frank J .Wood Bridge is not functionally obsolete as it was originally constructed to carry both cars and coal trains, making it able to handle almost twice as much weight as currently required.
— Maine Preservation